Culinary travel has always been our passion. When we first landed in Morocco, our heart beat to this country.

Moroccans like us love delicious food, are hospitable and generous. We knew right away that we wanted to create such a place in Poland.

In our restaurant, everyone can feel like in a Moroccan house, where it is bustling, joyful, family-like, all accompanied by traditional dishes from the Maghreb region.

“Nasza wielka przygoda”


“Kopce przypraw”

Our favorite place on the souk (market) are colorful, fragrant stands, full of mounds made of spices. This is where we spend the most time.

We add the best quality spices to our dishes. We create our own mixtures, such as Ras El Hanout or Zatar, which makes our dishes unique.

The most famous dish in Moroccan cuisine is tajine (tagine). It is a shallow, round, clay vessel with a unique, conical lid. Due to this shape, the dish does not lose its moisture and flavor.

With us, you can eat the dish straight from such a hot dish or you can put it on one of the beautifully decorated, colorful plates. They were brought by us directly from potters from Morocco. Each of them is handmade, which makes them unique. This makes eating even more fun.

“Danie w Tajine”
“Berber Whisky”

At our place you can drink the famous berber whiskey, which is a Moroccan national drink. Gunpowder green tea with a lot of fresh Moroccan mint and sugar is an inseparable element during meetings of Moroccans.

Brewed in beautifully decorated metal jugs, it is poured from above into decorative, small glasses, creating a delicate foam on top.

The Moroccan climate creates ideal conditions for the growth of vines. It did not escape the attention of the French who, during the occupation, made Morocco one of the largest wine producers in the world.

The most popular and at the same time the most unique wine is gray wine (gris). Our restaurant is the only place in Poland where you can try this drink. We also offer other Maghreb wines, both Algerian and Tunisian.

“Wino szare (gris)”


Od 2018 roku znajdujemy się w “Żółty Przewodnik Galut&Millau” wyznaczającym trendy kulturowe, nie tylko w Polsce ale i na świecie.

Od 2019 roku jesteśmy wyróżnieni Czapką i utrzymujemy ją do dziś, ciągle się rozwijając i pracując na kolejne.

W Warszawie jesteśmy znani z najlepszego hummusu. Potwierdzają to:
2 miejsce w rankingu na najlepszy hummus w Warszawie.

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